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The National Health Fund

National Health Fund (NFZ) - Monitoring Preventive Programs (SIMP)

Details of implementation

A priority is to create in the Central Coordinating Authority (COK) and the Province Coordinating Authority (WOK) a central database of women participating in programs. Fulfilling the tasks of programs shall lead to: the creation of a system that would enable carrying out a many-year, permanent and active screening of breast cancer and cervical cancer in Poland; monitoring patients with detected malignant changes; increasing the number of women participating in prophylactic medical examinations; increasing women’s awareness within the scope of breast cancer and cervical cancer prophylaxis. Carrying out these tasks guarantees a maximum and efficient use of financial resources assigned for prophylaxis in these areas in Poland. On the basis of: web sites of the Ministry of Health (2005) – National Program for fighting against Cancer

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The National Health Fund is an institution responsible for public health care on the territory of Poland. The statutory tasks of NFZ as an institution comprised of a Head Office and 16 Province Offices, include i.a.:

  • management of financial resources;
  • defining quality and availability and analysis of costs of health care services;
  • organization of tenders of offers, prognoses and concluding contracts on supplying health care services;
  • monitoring the performance of contracts and settling the contracts with parties supplying health care services;
  • monitoring medical prescriptions;
  • implementation of and financing health care programs;
  • introduction of a Central Register of Insured (CWU).

For these tasks the National Health Fund has annually PLN 50 billion, coming mainly from health insurance premiums.