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Specialist Hospital in Sandomierz

AMMS in Specialist Hospital in Sandomierz

Details of implementation

When selecting the application, the provisions that would obligate the contractors to continuously adapt the software to the requirements of the Act of 28 April 2011, regulations of the Minister of Health including that pertaining to Electronic Medical Records, as well as recommendations proposed by the National Centre for Health Information Systems (CSIOZ) were taken into consideration.
A comprehensive solution of the HIS (Hospital Information System) class was selected. AMMS (Asseco Medical Management Solution) became the main system used in the hospital in Sandomierz. The following modules were implemented: Patients Traffic (Admissions, Hospital Wards, Medical Statistics), Clinics (Registration, Surgeries, Medical Statistics), Diagnostic Rooms, Treatment Rooms, Hospital Infections, Blood Bank, Pathomorphology, Pharmacy, First Aid Kits, Settlements, Orders, Laboratories and Form Documentation. The AMMS system also provided the functionality known as LIS (Laboratory Information System), i.e. the Laboratory and Serology modules.


Client's profile

Specialist Hospital in Sandomierz has 500 beds located in 21 hospital wards and 43 places in outpatient wards. Every year, the hospital provides medical care to 95,000 patients, more than 19,000 of whom are hospitalized. The patients also benefit from 26 specialist clinics which are located in the hospital and provide medical services on an outpatient basis.
In 2011, the hospital was awarded funding for the project “Closer to the patient through the creation of a digital system for collecting, processing and archiving of data for the Hospital in Sandomierz”. The project was co-financed from EU funds under the Measure 2.2 “Construction of infrastructure for the information society” as well as from the hospital’s own resources.