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ARiMR - Implementation of IT System OFSA

Details of implementation

“The need to implement the OFSA RDP system was determined, on the one hand, by the scale of tasks which within the framework of the Rural Development Program (RDP) 2007-2013 are performed by ARiMR (a dozen of aid activities within four axes, thousands of aid applications, billions of euro to be distributed) and the EU and national requirements on the other hand (spending of aid funds is planned thoroughly and executed strictly according to defined and appropriately reported procedures). Creating a system was very challenging both for the deliverer and for the Agency. A dedicated solution was worked out during the designing of which intensive cooperation of both parties was necessary. The cooperation resulted in bi-partisan transfer of knowledge and creating an efficient system.”

Client's profile

The Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture (ARiMR) was created in 1994 in order to support the development of agriculture and rural areas. ARiMR was appointed by the Government of the Republic of Poland to play a role of an accredited paying agency. It busies itself with implementation of instruments co-financed by the EU budget and grants aid using national financial resources. The Agency, as a performer of agricultural policy, closely cooperates with the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. ARiMR is at the same time subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Finances within the scope of managing public funds. The main beneficiaries of activities carried out by ARiMR are farmers, rural areas dwellers, entrepreneurs and local self-governments. ARiMR also grants aid to entities of the fishing sector.