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Zakłady Azotowe “Puławy” SA

Implementation of SAP ERP

Details of implementation

„By implementing SAP ECC program together with Asseco ZSI, we reinforced the world’s best management standards used in our organization. We gained yet another powerful instrument for building competitive advantage, and that is integrated and efficient information system, offering support in decision making processes.” – says Lech Schimmelpfennig, the Board Plenipotentiary in charge of SAP implementation.

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Zakłady Azotowe “Puławy” SA have the highest sales level among Polish companies operating in a fertilizers and chemicals sector. The Company’s activities are divided between two fundamental segments: fertilizer products and non-fertilizer products (mainly chemicals). The products offered by this Company include: chemicals (melamine, caprolactam); one-component nitric fertilizers (UAN, ammonium nitrate with magnesium, ammonium sulphate, urea); peroxide compounds (hydrogen peroxide); technical gases (liquid nitrogen, compressed hydrogen, liquid carbon dioxide). Zakłady Azotowe “Puławy” are the only melamine producer in Poland and they are third biggest melamine producer in the world, providing for 10% of global and 20% of European demand. The Company is also leading Polish producer of caprolactam and nitric fertilizers: nitrate and urea. These products are mainly distributed on the Polish market (50% of income from fertilizers sales) and the European Union, U.S.A. and the eastern markets.