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Ministry of Interior and Administration

Ministry of Interior and Administration - CEPiK computer system

Details of implementation

„The CEPiK system will reduce the number of vehicles which are used without the required insurance. It will make it possible to significantly reduce the rate of crimes related to insurance. The new system will also make it impossible to register and legalize stolen vehicles” – says Leszek Ciećwierz, the Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Interior and Administration.

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The Central Registry of Vehicles and Drivers computer system (CEPiK) was ordered by the Ministry of Interior and Administration. It is a public institution which is responsible for ensuring legal order and security of citizens within the Polish territory. The construction of the system was a part of the national program of fighting crime. Its purpose was to protect the interests of the State and its citizens concerning the security of vehicles and their owners as well as the security of the road traffic. This was related, above all things, to the improvement of the widely-understood quality of registry services for vehicles and drivers as well as to the wider use of information acquired in these processes.