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Bank Pekao S.A.

Pekao S.A. Bank - Implementation of SARA reporting system

Details of implementation

Due to implementation of SARA system, our bank was able to fully integrate within an unified environment a whole reporting process, starting from data collection and processing from different systems to data transformation into files available for use in reports through data input, analysis and reports validation, all the way to presenting these reports to the end users.

Client's profile

The Pekao S.A. Bank was founded 80 years ago and is one of the biggest banks in Central Europe and the biggest bank in Poland as regards the market capitalization. The Pekao S.A. Bank renders services to approximately 5 million customers, including more than 250,000 small and medium enterprises and more than 15,000 large companies. It is also a leading Polish bank and the bank with the biggest capitalization in the East-Central Europe.

The Pekao S.A. Group includes financial and non-financial institutions gathered around an universal bank and provides individual and institutional customers with the whole range of financial services available in Poland. As of December 31, 2008, the Capital Group included 22 units: the Pekao S.A. Bank as the dominant subject, 16 controlled companies and 6 indirectly controlled companies. The Bank is also shareholder in associated units and co-controlled companies (including KIR SA, Xelion, Doradcy Finansowi Sp. z o.o.), as well as holds minority shares.