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Adam Góral recognized by Forbes for impressive business model

The founder and chairman of the Asseco Group was recognized in the "50 after 50" poll published by the Forbes magazine. Adam Góral was recognized for his successful business model based on acquisitions, thanks to which Asseco is today a team of more than 30,000 people in 60 countries around the world. In turn, the Group's revenues in 2021 reached a record PLN 14.5 billion.

Built by Adam Góral, the international federation of companies is an alternative to large IT corporations. The group companies are united not only by common business goals, but above all by vision, values and partnerships. They are software companies, producing high-tech solutions. Each of them retains its unique character and freedom of action. As a result, they have offerings tailored to the needs of the market in which they operate and managers with long-standing relationships on the ground. This independence makes them think and act like entrepreneurs rather than employees of a large corporation. On the other hand, they can draw on the potential of the entire Group, carrying out joint international projects as needed, which greatly increases their competitiveness.

The idea of the "50 after 50" plebiscite was to honor entrepreneurs and managers over 50, who, possessing extremely valuable capital such as knowledge and experience, made courageous business decisions. The competition's chapter included representatives of investment funds, companies that advise entrepreneurs and editors of the Forbes magazine.