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Asseco among the leaders in investor relations according to the daily newspaper "Parkiet"

Asseco's communication with the market is top-notch, which was once again recognized in the survey of investor relations of WIG30 companies, which was organized by the "Parkiet" daily and the Chamber of Brokerage Houses (IDM). Asseco once again ranked 3rd in the part of the survey conducted among institutional investors and 4th in the one aimed at individual investors.

Good investor relations are based on teamwork. Of course, we have a separate IR department within the structures of Asseco, but in fact the team responsible for investor communication in the organization is made up of people from the reporting, controlling, marketing, PR, M&A, management office, legal office, compliance and process management department, as well as business divisions or subsidiaries. Of course, the support of the Management Board and its openness to contact with market representatives is invaluable. An IR officer alone can do little without the cooperation and involvement of others in the organization. The key to success is knowledge sharing and efficient and regular communication," said Joanna Paczkowska-Tatomir, Head of Investor Relations at Asseco Poland. In addition, conducting an effective IR policy is based on diversification and proper adjustment of communication channels and tools. At the time of the pandemic, we all functioned exclusively in the online formula. Today we operate in a hybrid model - we carry out part of our activities online, while we are very keen to participate in events that allow us to have direct contact with investors," she added.

Asseco is committed to transparency and equal access to information for all investors. As part of its regular IR activities, it organizes conferences every quarter in a hybrid mode (onsite and online). This event is available to any investor. During the conferences, the Management Board discusses the financial results of the reporting period, presents the outlook for the near future and answers questions from participants. Recordings of these events with transcripts, as well as investor materials such as presentations, fact sheets and financial data in Excel format, are published on Asseco's investor relations website. Since 2011, the company has made recordings of its General Meetings available on its website, and since 2020 it has allowed shareholders to participate in the meetings in an online format. It also maintains active communication via social media. In turn, investors can contact Asseco by emailing, calling or using platforms such as MS Teams or Zoom.

The presentation of awards to the companies rated highest in the investor relations survey took place during the Conference of the Chamber of Brokerage Houses (IDM). The winners, as every year, were selected in two parts of the survey: through votes of readers and individual investors, cast on the Parkiet daily's website, and through a questionnaire sent to financial institutions.