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Asseco among the top companies with the best investor relations

Asseco's investor relations have been recognized in the largest Polish survey organized by "Parkiet" and the Chamber of Brokerage Houses. The companies from WIG30 index best communicating with the market were selected in two parts of the survey, by voting of representatives of financial institutions as well as readers of the daily and individual investors. Asseco Poland has taken 3rd place in the part conducted among institutional investors and analysts, and 5th place in the part dedicated to individual investors.

Good investor relations are based primarily on transparent communication and dialogue with investors, regardless of the company's current financial performance and the situation it is in at any given time. IR programs should be constructed using feedback from the market so that they meet the needs of particular groups of recipients. A good IR manager is a well-informed IR manager who, when presenting a specific issue to investors, has full knowledge of the given topic, be it from the business, financial or legal perspective, and is able to reliably present the full picture of the situation. When directing information to investors, it is important to be able to put oneself in the shoes of a person outside of the company, because then it is easier to formulate a comprehensible message. The situation with the coronavirus pandemic, including particularly low interest rates, has made it unprofitable to keep money in bank deposits. For this reason, interest in the stock market, including companies representing such sectors as TMT, healthcare or biotechnology, increased significantly in 2020. Last year, nearly 85,000 brokerage accounts were added in Poland. At the same time, COVID-19 has increased uncertainty in the capital market. In this new reality, objective and two-way communication has become even more important. We have seen increased contact from both individual and institutional investors, who are more frequently asking about the current situation in the company and the group and about possible threats or emerging market opportunities in particular segments and sectors of our business. We have also noticed more frequent contact from new foreign investors who, working remotely, have more time at their disposal and are able to get to know our company better, said Joanna Paczkowska-Tatomir, Investor Relations Manager, Asseco Poland.

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