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Asseco among the top National Champions

Asseco was ranked 5th in the "National Champions" list prepared by Polityka Insight. This is a listing of the largest Polish companies of key importance to the economy. At the same time, the company was ranked 3rd in the five-year ranking, which summarizes the results of all editions.

In addition to its high position in the main ranking, Asseco was also among the top companies in the various categories of the list. The Asseco Group is the leader in the "International" category, where it was the only one to achieve the maximum possible score. The justification emphasized that Asseco is the most rapidly growing company in the international market. The company also ranked 1st in the "Professional Services" category and 3rd in the "Economy" category, which reflects the organization's contribution to Poland's economic development.

For the past five years, we have been compiling a ranking of the largest Polish companies of key importance to the economy. Most rankings of companies compiled in Poland focus exclusively on the size of a company or capital group as measured by basic macroeconomic indicators - revenues, profit, exports or employment. However, this is only one of the dimensions emphasized in Polish public discourse about national champions. In addition to the size of companies, their productivity, role in the industry, presence on the international market or investment in development and innovation are also important. This time around, we take a particularly close look at how the role of Polish national champions in ensuring the security of the state has changed. The state is unable to replace them, and should therefore support them, said Adam Czerniak, Research Director of Polityka Insight and co-author of the report "National Champions 2022: How they take care of our security”.

The list of winners was published in the report "National Champions 2022: How they take care of our security," which was premiered during a conference on the subject. One of the experts who took part in the event was Krzysztof Dyki, CEO of ComCERT, an Asseco Group company. According to him, the technology industry should be developed on a par with other strategic branches of the Polish economy.

I don't see any reason why Poland couldn’t play the role of Israel. We have equally brilliant engineers. There is no problem for us to be manufacturers of cyber security technology, said Krzysztof Dyki. At the same time, he drew attention to the issue of investment, which is an essential element in the development of cyber security. When it comes to investments, we have a great deal to do. The level of investment determines the level of security, he concluded.