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Asseco awarded twice by Global Finance

Asseco Customer Intelligence is an analytical system which, on the basis of data collected in systems and observation of the client's activities in electronic channels, identifies the client's expectations and recommends the best offer, using Machine Learning algorithms. The solution is dedicated to financial institutions such as banks, as well as lending, leasing or factoring companies.

Nearly 70% of customers say that banks do not react to changes in their financial situation. Currently, clients expect a better fit of offered products," said Marta Mróz-Sipiora, Product Manager, Asseco Poland. In order for financial institutions to build a positive customer experience and maximize the probability of purchase, they need a thorough analysis of the clients’ behavior and preferences. Such opportunities are provided by ACI, which, using artificial intelligence mechanisms, "learns about" the client and their expectations and current needs. Owing to this, the financial institution can offer a profiled offer in real time, which encourages a quick purchasing decision, she added.

The aim of "The Innovators 2020" competition is to recognize the most innovative institutions and providers of services and solutions that set new trends for the financial sector.

Asseco has once again been awarded by Global Finance. In the previous contests, the following solutions won a recognition: Asseco Enterprise Banking Platform - Digi Trade (Asseco EBP - Digi Trade) and Asseco Advisory Banking Platform (Asseco ABP).
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