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Asseco best practices

"Be EKO with Asseco" and the Asseco's employees charity campaign "We help" were featured in the 19th edition of the report "Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices", which was prepared by the Responsible Business Forum. Asseco's activities were once again included in this list. The publication summarizes the most important issues related to responsible business in Poland in a given year.

Asseco has taken a number of initiatives aimed at taking care of our environment. "Be EKO with Asseco" is a project aimed at raising environmental awareness among our employees through trainings, competitions or information in newsletters. The company operates an Internet platform for sharing observations and submitting ideas on eco-solutions. The company's documentation defines the environmental principles of supplier selection and cooperation. Fluorescent lamps are replaced with LED lamps and devices with higher energy efficiency are purchased. Water dispensers are equipped with timers. The use of paper is reduced in accordance with the principle "If you can, do it digitally" and 100% of paper is Fair Trade certified. The Asseco fleet consists of low emission vehicles. Eco-driving trainings are organized. The company also minimizes the amount of generated waste, and waste generated is collected selectively. In 2012, Asseco was certified for compliance with ISO 14001, and since then, it has annually verified that it meets the requirements of the environmental management system and implemented appropriate changes.

Another Asseco project, namely the Asseco employees' charity campaign "We help", was recognized in the category "Social commitment and local community development". The purpose of this annual initiative is to motivate employees to engage in helping those in need. Employees nominate selected organizations for financial support, e.g. orphanages or single mothers' homes, hospices or foundations supporting poor families. From 2019 onwards, they can nominate pro-environmental initiatives (100% targeted at environmental protection and those which are an element of aid projects of a different nature, e.g. introduction of waste segregation in a given centre). As an important aspect of the campaign is to reach as many people as possible, one of the criteria for selecting beneficiaries is the scale of operation of the organization and the involvement of the employee. Since 2013, Asseco has allocated a total of nearly PLN 1.6 million for this initiative, and 2,000 employees have taken part in the project. Thanks to these funds it was possible to help approx. 4,700 children and 130 families.