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Asseco continues to develop the system at the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund

Asseco signed an annex to the agreement with the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund for further modification and development of the Workflow system. Currently, nearly 2 million farmers are using it. Asseco is responsible for the maintenance and development of this system since 2014. The annex is worth around PLN 4 m gross.

Asseco’s cooperation with ASIF is based on the function points model, allowing for the settlement of our actions. The annex increased their amount in terms of modifications and software development. Now, Asseco can continue to adapt it to the current needs of the Fund.


Workflow acts as an integrating layer for the most important domain-specific systems used by the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund. These are the systems used for handling farmers’ insurance and benefits, as well as a system for document management and archiving. Automation of business processes and the application of SOA architecture enabled the consolidation and optimization of access to ASIF resources. The solution provides users with an unified graphical interface, and it allows for, among others, a comprehensive and centralized management of user identities, and data exchange with external institutions.

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