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Asseco has developed a new tool for stock exchange investors

Stock market investors expect trading platforms to be fully customizable and tailored to their needs. As recent research shows, they are more likely to use attractively designed applications. Companies which offer this type of service can count on measurable benefits, for example an increase in revenues by as much as 37%.* Asseco has just released the new ePROMAK NEXT platform, which is one of the most modern trading solutions. It has been created to meet all the requirements of investors and brokerage houses.

Asseco's new system has been developed according to the design thinking concept. This means that the appearance and individual functionalities have been created, tested and modified on the basis of the information collected on an ongoing basis from the future users. The ePROMAK NEXT platform gives traders access to many useful functions via a modern and intuitive interface. The system supports all financial instruments offered by brokerage houses listed on stock markets. An investor can also use their recommendations directly on the platform. In addition, all quotation charts and technical analysis indicators are drawn online and updated automatically. Transactions can be made from virtually any location in the system, for example while reviewing quotations or statements. The data are presented in Polish or English.

Asseco has been developing the PROMAK product brand on the capital market for over 20 years. Now we have set ourselves the goal of creating a new trading platform which will be even more intuitive. ePROMAK NEXT has been designed in a completely different way than all our existing solutions. In addition, the project has been created in order to meet the expectations of investors who implement various investment strategies on international trading floors. I can confidently say that as a result of our work we have delivered a complete product, said Artur Trunowicz, Director of the Capital Market Division, Asseco Poland.

ePROMAK NEXT is a technologically advanced system, which gives an opportunity for further development of new services in the area of robo-advisory, i.e. automatic adjustment of an investment portfolio to the needs of an investor and the creation of order proposals. The architecture of our system allows an investor to focus from the very beginning on the implementation of investment objectives and the full use of the services offered, without the need for participating in special training. A simple way of presenting information and a modern user interface ensure full comfort of work, said Marcin Zaniewicz, Expert, Business Consultant, Asseco Poland.

Asseco's new trading platform is adapted to all commonly used types of devices thanks to the RWD technology. The system is also able to handle many thousands of users at the same time without any limitations in the execution of orders. Additionally, it can be integrated with social media channels, which gives less experienced investors the option of copying transactions from other people, thus reducing investment risk.


Asseco Poland is the provider of the PROMAK systems product family which is dedicated to the financial sector. The solutions effectively support the work of brokerage houses, banks, depositaries and investors, both individual and institutional. Asseco Poland is also the largest Polish IT company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) and the 6th largest software producer in Europe. It leads international Asseco Group, which operates in 54 countries and employs over 24,000 people.

*Source: The Business Value of UX Design

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