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Asseco has launched application for health monitoring by patients

Asseco has launched the "Moje Pomiary" mobile application for self-monitoring of patients' health. It allows to collect and update data on various health parameters. Additionally, thanks to the integration with the “Informacje Medyczne” solution, the data can be sent directly to the doctor's office and be recorded in the patient's medical history.

Access to current and historic medical records is an important factor affecting the effectiveness of treatment. Storing paper versions of data is associated with the risk of their loss or destruction. In the case of chronic diseases such as diabetes, for example, a daily logbook of measured data is required, which is often complicated and time consuming. In order to improve the comfort of patients, Asseco has developed a solution that will make it easier for chronically ill people to continuously monitor life parameters, including glucose levels, and collect them in one place. Additionally, the collected data can be transferred via the “Informacje Medyczne” mobile application to the attending physician, which improves the course of treatment.

The "Moje Pomiary" application can be used in two different ways. The patient can manually record various health indicators, e.g. current blood pressure, temperature and body weight. In the case of diabetics using Glucomaxx Connect, the data are automatically transferred to the application without having to enter them manually.

We want the solutions we create to facilitate the functioning of both medical facilities and their patients. The "Moje Pomiary" application was created especially for people who often provide information about their health to doctors. Thanks to this, they can be quickly attached to their records stored in the electronic system of the medical unit. No scanning or transcription is necessary. Thus, the application also improves the work of doctors, who thus have more time for the patient during their check-up visit - said Krzysztof Groyecki, Vice-President of the Management Board, Asseco Poland.

Asseco's solution allows for individual configuration of standards for the entered results, creation of a customized measurement log as well as graphs presenting historical data. The "Moje Pomiary" application is available for users of mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems. It belongs to the family of Asseco Mobile Patient Apps (AMPA), which has been developed to support patients in their treatment process. AMPA includes both stand-alone applications and those that support cooperation with Asseco's solutions operating in medical care facilities across the country.

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