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Asseco invites you to the Trusted Economy Forum!

Meet with experts and learn how to safely make a digital transformation

How can technology be used to address today's economic challenges, including rising energy prices, disrupted supply chains and a shortage of skilled workers? How does technology enhance transaction security in the digital economy? Listen to speakers, debates and the latest case studies and learn how to effectively optimize and automate business processes in your organization. On May 23, 2023, we will meet you in Warsaw and online at the Trusted Economy Forum, one of Europe's largest conferences on the digital economy. The event will be held under the slogan "On the edge - the new reality in the digital world". Save the date now to meet the global digital market experts!

Trust in a digital world

Today it is hard to imagine doing business without digital tools. We use electronic signatures and seals as well as cloud-based document management platforms increasingly more frequently. They strengthen the level of trust in business processes, allowing us to cooperate online with contractors, serve customers from all over the world or manage a distributed team remotely.

At a time when technology so powerfully changes business models and shapes everyday life, the greatest value remains trust, both between participants in the economic ecosystem and in the technology itself – one that is uniform, secure and universal, said Ewelina Chudy, Head of the Organizing Office of the Trusted Economy Forum. With the key role of trust in the digital economy in mind, Asseco is inviting you to discuss #TrustedEconomy. Our experts will also present the practical side of digital transformation and examples of companies and institutions that have successfully implemented these solutions, she added.

Customers choose online solutions

Without trust, there would be no success of e-commerce, e-banking and many other industries where digitization has eliminated the need for a physical presence. In the financial sector, for example, the number of mobile banking users grew from 15 million to 18 million in one year, and in online banking that figure increased from 20 million to 21.7 million. Physical or geographic boundaries no longer matter - what is key is the availability of online services anytime, on any device and for any group of users.

On the brink of challenges and threats

The greater the share of digitization in customer, business and government relations, the more the importance of cyber security to guarantee trust with the other side of the transaction increases. The challenge of today's business is to skillfully navigate the edges of the challenges and risks, as well as the opportunities and benefits of the economy’s digitization. The role of technology partners providing proven digital services is to ensure that trust backed by cyber-security remains a driver of the digital economy.

About the conference

The idea of the Trusted Economy Forum is to integrate the technological, business, legal, administrative and academic communities, with the aim of building digital societies, not only at the national level, but also globally. The conference is a space for discussion, exchange of views and experiences. Last year's edition was attended by more than 40 experts, and nearly 630 people registered for the event.

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