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Asseco once again recognized in the "Responsible Business in Poland 2022: Best Practices" report

The "Help Ukraine" initiative and the charitable campaign of Asseco's employees "We help" were recognized in the "Responsible Business in Poland 2022: Best Practices" report. The company's activities were once again included in the list, which is the largest overview of ESG, CSR and sustainable development in Poland.

Following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Asseco took a number of measures to support those who arrived in our country. The company provided housing for nearly 170 families with children for the first month of their stay, and supported them as needed in housing, formal and legal matters, as well as medical issues and children's education. It also provided them with material and financial support. In addition, Asseco organized a Santa Claus meeting for 40 Ukrainian children learning in Rzeszów schools. The company also donated funds to selected foundations and supported them in their activities. In addition, it supported its employees (materially and financially), who independently undertook aid activities, such as at the border. In total, in 2022, Asseco allocated more than PLN 1.7 million to help people from Ukraine.

Last year, the company once again organized a charitable campaign by Asseco employees called "We Help." Its purpose is to help those most in need and to motivate employees to get involved. They decide to whom and in what form they will provide support within the budget specially allocated for this purpose. They nominate selected organizations for financial support, such as orphanages or single mother's homes, hospices or foundations supporting poor families. An important criterion in evaluating applications is that in addition to nominating and justifying the selection of a particular organization, employees should come up with ideas for additional forms of assistance that they themselves can donate. Everything counts - commitment, dedication of their free time, sharing their knowledge or skills with someone. Also important is their past cooperation with the selected organization. Very highly rated are the ideas that engage work colleagues.

In this year's edition of the "We Help" campaign, Asseco helped 17 organizations. In turn, since the beginning of this project, it has allocated PLN 1.74 million to help those in need, thanks to which, among other things, 5,000 children have received support. So far, 2,000 employees have been involved in the "We help" campaign.

The Responsible Business Forum, the largest and longest-established organization dealing with CSR and ESG in a comprehensive manner, publishes the "Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices" report annually. The main part of the publication is a summary of CSR and sustainable development activities carried out by companies in the previous year.