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Asseco one of the top companies of the last 20 years in Podkarpacie

Asseco was ranked among the top companies of the Podkarpacie region of the first 20 years of 21st century in the category of enterprises employing 500 or more people. The list was prepared by the "Nowiny" daily which published the ranking of "The Golden Hundred Companies of Podkarpacie" for the 15th time. In addition, Asseco Poland took the first place among the listed companies of Podkarpacie by capitalization. It also became the leader of the list of the 10 largest companies in the region.

Asseco Poland, which started its operations 30 years ago in Rzeszów, today leads the Asseco Group, a leader in digitization in Poland* and the largest IT company in the CEE region. In 2020 the Asseco Group reached PLN 12.2 billion in revenues. It creates technologically advanced software for companies of key sectors of the economy. The company is present in 60 countries worldwide and employs approx. 29 thousand persons. It has been growing both organically and through acquisitions, of which it has made over 100 since 2004. Asseco companies are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

The Asseco Group focuses on continuous search for innovative solutions; it has allocated PLN 920 million for this purpose by 2020 alone. In order to keep growing, it carries out numerous, often interdisciplinary R&D projects and investments preparing the infrastructure for research and development. In 2021 Asseco completed the construction of Asseco Innovation Hub, which is a state-of-the-art R&D center in Rzeszów providing the necessary conditions for harnessing the knowledge and potential of our most highly qualified personnel with diverse competencies. This entity is engaged in research and development projects involving, among others, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Research is conducted in such areas as: telemedicine, electromobility, cyber security or for the purpose of creating systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The total value of this investment project is almost 65 million PLN net.

*according to Computerworld TOP200 report for 2020