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Asseco Poland wins "IT@Bank"

Asseco Poland was ranked 1st in the IT@Bank technology ranking prepared by the editors of Miesięcznik Finansowy Bank. Thus, it confirmed its strong position among the IT companies providing solutions for the banking sector in Poland. The company also took high places in the subrankings of the competition, finding itself on the top of the list of the largest suppliers for the cooperative banking sector, among others.

Asseco Poland has been one of the leaders of the "IT@Bank" list for years. In 2019, the company achieved over PLN 805 million in sales revenues and allocated 12% of the amount to research and development. In addition, the company had a 26 percent profitability which gave it the second place in terms of this indicator.

The company was also ranked third in the subranking on the cooperation of technology companies with the financial sector, where the volume of revenues from financial institutions and their percentage share in total revenues, which amounted to 41 percent in Asseco’s case, were taken into account.

Asseco Poland was also ranked third in the "subranking of positions in the cooperative banking sector". The company has over 200 clients in this segment and generated nearly PLN 46 million in revenues.

Additionally, Asseco Poland was among the companies that reacted most effectively to the market situation caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The main IT@Bank ranking is developed on the basis of five indicators: absolute amount of sales revenues, share of revenues from the financial sector in total revenues, R&D expenditures to revenues ratio, weighted number of customers and net profitability ratio.