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Asseco presented its new range of systems at the European Utility Week in Vienna

During the international trade fair European Utility Week in Vienna, which took place on November 6-8, 2018, Asseco's experts presented the latest solutions for the power sector from the AUMS and SAMO lines. The event attracted 13,000 participants from over 100 countries.

During the fair we had the opportunity to present our new offer of systems for the energy sector, primarily used for energy billing - AUMS Billing Lite and AUMS Billing Smart. The choice of a specific solution is tailored to the expectations of a given company and depends on the size of its business. Independent energy suppliers receive a modern system that meets domestic and foreign market trends and allows for mass and cyclical settlement of electricity, gas fuel or cyclical services and additional goods. Pre-configured systems are offered at a competitive price and implementations last no longer than two months. As a result, the Asseco's offering is attractive for our clients and meets their real business needs, said Jerzy Popowicz, Business Development Director, Asseco Poland.

This year's European Utility Week trade fair was devoted to the areas of digitization, the shape of the energy market taking into account the requirements of low emissions and smart grids. The experts emphasized in their speeches, among others, the fact that the power grid must become more intelligent, which requires the implementation of innovative solutions in the field of big data and data analytics, as well as IoT. The energy market should also be more consumer-centred, offering clients new products and digital energy management tools.