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Asseco strengthens its position on the "List of 500"

Asseco advanced 6 places in the 23rd edition of the "Rzeczpospolita 500" ranking. Hence, the company took the 21st position and became the top ranked computer software vendor on the list. Asseco achieved a high ranking among the largest companies owing to its record-high revenues which exceeded PLN 12 billion in 2020.

Asseco continues to grow intensively. In Q3 2021 alone, the Group recorded sales of PLN 3.5 billion, representing an increase of 19%. Operating profit amounted to PLN 373 million, showing a 25% increase; whereas, net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company, having grown by 33%, amounted to PLN 120 million.

We are very pleased with the results we achieved after three quarters of 2021. We see growing demand for IT solutions and services, which translates into increased scale of our operations across all segments and sectors of our business, said Karolina Rzońca-Bajorek, Vice President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland.