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Asseco supportive in business

"My Company Polska" has distinguished 30 companies that have shown the greatest social responsibility in the face of the crisis. Among them is Asseco, which has undertaken a number of assistance activities, among others for the education and health sector, to which it contributed over PLN 1 million.

Asseco has supported the medical sector not only financially. The company has made available a free IT services package "#stayhome, patient", aimed at improving remote contact with patients. Under the cooperation with the National Healthcare Fund (NFZ), the company has also supplemented the eWUŚ system with a "quarantine marker" that informs the medical staff about the quarantine of a given patient and its end date.

In addition, together with the National Cloud Operator, Asseco has provided an educational platform for universities free of charge under the "Partnership for Universities" program.

The company also cooperates with the Ministry of Digitization on the implementation of regulations enabling the introduction of video-verification as a remote identity authentication method (e-signature).

Asseco has also developed a mini-application called "Requests", by means of which it has provided cooperative banks with support in handling applications for assistance under the PFR Financial Shield program.