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Asseco the R&D leader by Rzeczpospolita

The amount of nearly PLN 900 million has been allocated by Asseco for research and development. Thus, it has been ranked 1st in the list of companies with the highest R&D spending, prepared by the Rzeczpospolita daily.

Asseco conducts numerous R&D activities. One of the company's key projects is the construction of a modern center that will house teams conducting research and development works in such areas as artificial intelligence or telemedicine.

We understand that one of the conditions for maintaining the leading position on the IT market is innovation - said Grzegorz Warzocha, Director of the EU Projects Office, Asseco Poland. That is why research and development is such an important area of our business. In 2019 alone, we conducted 64 research and development projects, most of which were carried out with our own funds. In addition, we employ 5,200 people in the R&D segment, which only shows our huge commitment to these activities - he added.