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Asseco will launch an information system on the power grid in Hamburg

Asseco will provide an integrated power grid information system (iNIS) for Stromnetz Hamburg - the second-largest operator of the municipal energy distribution network in Germany. The implementation will be based on the asset management system - Asseco SAMO - and the software that provides geographic information on the resources - Asseco LIDS. The implementation will be the responsibility of Asseco BERIT, a subsidiary of the Asseco Group.

The implementation of the project will enable Stromnetz Hamburg to achieve its objective of integrating various IT systems, detailed network maps and general plans, including descriptive data, into a single central grid information system. This will help with creating a new detailed plan of the existing infrastructure, with a completely new form of data presentation. The implementation of the asset management processes, from network development planning to full documentation, will be supported by a workflow management module to ensure that the operational data in iNIS are kept up to date and safely maintained. As a result, it will not be necessary to document changes in parallel.

The implementation will be completed by 2021 and will cover the migration of GIS geographic data, as well as the implementation of the systems of Asseco LIDS and Asseco SAMO. The open architecture of both solutions will enable Stromnetz Hamburg to further develop and integrate with additional modules.

Stromnetz Hamburg in numbers:
1.15 million energy consumers connected with the grid
28,997 km network lenght with capacity of 12.3 TWh/year
91 positions with current switchboards
115 transformers
54 transformer units
633 grid and client stations
318,580 household connections


Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH
Stromnetz Hamburg is the second-largest operator of the municipal distribution grid in Germany and has been a reliable energy supplier for more than 120 years in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Around 1,200 employees supply electricity to 1.1 million low-voltage and 2,234 medium-high-voltage consumers on a daily basis. The basic activity of the distribution system operator is the provision of the power grid to the city, as well as its operation, control, monitoring, maintenance and further development. Its main tasks also include the supervision of emerging disruptions and the use and management of infrastructure.

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Asseco BERIT is a company from the Asseco Group and a competence center engaged in the provision of geographic information systems, mobile workforce and asset management, as well as solutions for the utility, public administration, and industrial sectors in Germany, Austria and neighbouring countries.