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Asseco's medical voicebot has started operating at TU Zdrowie

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the digitization of companies in the insurance sector, among others, and changed the way they communicate with customers. In the era of rapid digitization, BOTs increasingly support physical employees in their daily duties. With the support from Asseco, one of the medical insurers in Poland - TU Zdrowie - has opted for such an improvement. IGA, the new Intelligent Voice Assistant, will provide the customer with quick answers to questions about their insurance, accept orders for medical services or transfer to the appropriate consultant, which will significantly accelerate the service process.

TU Zdrowie is one of the leading medical insurers in Poland. The company's services are actively used by over 170 thousand customers. In view of the dynamic development associated with growing market demand for healthcare services, the company has decided to introduce a modern technological solution that is expected to improve communication with customers. Designed and implemented by Asseco, the intelligent voice bot, named IGA, operates on the basis of artificial intelligence algorithms and perfectly copes with human speech. The virtual advisor is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"Modern IT tools are the strength and competitiveness of our services. Medical insurance industry is characterized by a very high frequency of telephone contacts, therefore we care about the development of our contact center by constantly improving the quality of services. The most important thing for us and our customers is that the insured can handle any matter related to their insurance at any time, without any problems and unnecessary waiting. Therefore, we decided to implement Asseco's voicebot, which took over some of the tasks of our employees, relieved their workload, and thus accelerated service by answering customer questions or redirecting them accordingly. IGA's assistance is already invaluable, considering the number of calls we handle, emphasizes Sławomir Koszewski, Member of the Management Board of TU Zdrowie.

The task of IGA is to streamline and speed up the contact so that the customer does not wait in line at the hotline for the availability of a consultant. This offloading of basic tasks from employees will allow them to focus on serving users at later, more demanding stages.

The main goal of the measures that automate given processes is to reduce the time from when the user comes with their question to when they get an answer. Therefore, we first focused on replacing the all-too-familiar IVR (interactive voice response) system with an intelligent solution so that the customer can immediately connect with TU Health and get support. After mapping the needs, we introduced IGA, which aims to correctly identify the customer's problem and find a solution for it. IGA will be constantly improved, and the number of users supported by it will gradually grow, adds Kamil Parzuchowski, Head of Asseco Innovation Hub, Asseco Poland.

The popularity of bots is now a reality. According to the forecast of the Statista portal, by 2025 the market of virtual brand assistants will be worth over USD 1.25 billion. However, as shown by the results of a study conducted by LivePerson company, which got to know the opinions of more than 5 thousand consumers from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, in 2020, 75% of respondents have at least once dealt with a virtual advisor.

Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Zdrowie SA has been operating on the Polish health care market for over 11 years and is the only insurance company specializing in health care for corporate employees. The company already insures more than 170,000 people, who can use more than 3,700 medical facilities throughout the country. In carrying out its mission, it cares about the health and time of the Insured, guaranteeing the shortest access times to specialists, and allowing the freedom to choose the medical facility and the doctor who conducts the treatment. It provides its customers with modern communication tools facilitating contact with a doctor directly or via tele-consultation. TU Zdrowie offers original insurance packages and health programs, occupational medicine, medical diagnostics and hospital care. The high quality of services provided is evidenced by the fact that 98% of customers prolong cooperation with TU Zdrowie. For more information on TU Zdrowie please see:

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