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Asseco's modern reconnaissance drones in the Polish army

As part of the execution of a tender for the Polish Army, Asseco has put 6 Mayfly Unmanned Aerial System kits into service for the army. Each set consists of 4 drones, as well as a command and control station with dedicated software and a package of accessories. The new equipment will enable, among other things, day-night observation of the enemy and terrain, impact assessment, detection of targets and observation of premises and facilities in urban areas.

Drones play an extremely important role in modern armies. They have both offensive and reconnaissance applications. They enable safe reconnaissance of the area of operations from the air, giving a significant advantage over the enemy.

The army buys Polish drones

Along with Flyeye and Warmate, Mayfly is another Polish-made unmanned aerial vehicle that has made its way to the Polish army.

The Mayfly Unmanned Aerial System is a solution created from scratch by Polish engineers. This means that we have full control over the safety of both hardware and software. It was critical to meet stringent military standards. We coped with this challenge, although it required months of research and testing, says Tomasz Mosiej, team leader for unmanned platforms at Asseco. Thanks to this implementation, the Asseco Group, which primarily deals with software, has entered a new area of business. This product can be used not only by the military, but also by other uniformed services in Poland and abroad, particularly in other NATO countries, he adds.

Drones for special tasks

The Asseco drone is equipped with an observation head having two sensors: one is working in the visible light spectrum, the other is a thermal imaging one for nighttime operations. The system is designed to operate in harsh weather conditions, thus meeting a number of Defense Standards. To operate it, all is needed is a tablet with Asseco software and a controller.

The solution uses an innovative communications system and dedicated, Polish-made components. This makes the device difficult to detect when performing missions in areas where anti-drone systems currently available on the market are used. The system is adapted to operate using map formats and numerical terrain models currently used by the military. The built-in three-dimensional map module allows missions to be carried out anywhere in the world without worrying about "NO-FLY" zones imposed by any entity.

The equipment is ready for use in just a few minutes. Asseco's drones are perfect for close observation, when quick decisions need to be made, such as whether it is safe enough for a special ops to enter a building or room, explains Tomasz Mosiej.

Intelligent weaponry of the modern army

Used by the military, drones are an excellent complement to other means of warfare, such as tanks, artillery, and aircraft. Drones have numerous applications, reduce personnel losses, and are cheaper to produce than other military hardware. It is generally accepted that the first armed conflict in which drones were used on a very large scale was the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan in 2020. Since then, drones have become an important part of the weaponry of many of the world's armies. It is drones that largely enable Ukraine's military to resist Russian aggression. According to experts, the drones are responsible for neutralizing dozens of Russian tanks or armored vehicles. Now the modern equipment will also support the Polish army.