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OTAGO wins a Contract from Łowicz Town Hall

ZUI Otago, a subsidiary of the Asseco Group, concluded a 3.2 million zloty contract with the Municipal Office of Łowicz.

ZUI Otago, a subsidiary of the Asseco Group, concluded a 3.2 million zloty contract with the Municipal Office of Łowicz. The subject of the agreement is to supply hardware and implement software necessary for the completion of the "Łowicz E-Office" project which is scheduled for mid May 2011.
Under this cooperation, the company will implement its OTAGO Integrated Municipal Management System at the Municipal Office of Łowicz. The new solution will replace a number of legacy systems based on various, often obsolete technologies which precluded their integration.


The newly implemented system will support almost all the processes carried out by the Office. It will include the modules for finance and accounting, determination and recording of municipal tax revenues, tax accounting and tax arrears collection, human resources and payroll, registration of population and businesses, as well as the modules for management of municipal property, housing benefits, scholarships, and cash till operations. All the modules are going to be fully integrated. Furthermore, the Office departments will benefit from using the Comprehensive Document Management System. The OTAGO Integrated Municipal Management System will be also employed for the municipal budget planning. Apart from that the system will serve as a management tool for education and administration activities at the municipality's educational institutions.


Such a comprehensive informatization will enable development of a municipal internet portal featuring services to facilitate communication between citizens and the Town Hall. Owing to implementation of an Electronic Inbox, the town dwellers will be able to handle their official matters faster and more efficiently. Many of such dealings will no longer require a personal appearance at the Office or the number of required visits will be limited to just one, for instance, to receive a decision.


ZUI Otago has been engaged in the development and implementation of software for the local administration since 1991. The company’s flagship product is the OTAGO Integrated Municipal Management System. This solution has been created and developed entirely by ZUI Otago. The company applies its own well-tried methodology of production, implementation and maintenance of information systems, which satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. ZUI Otago has been recently awarded a prestigious title of the "Business Gazelle 2010".