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#PaperlessBusiness - another stage of the Asseco campaign

Asseco is launching another stage of the #PaperlessBusiness campaign, which aims to raise awareness among entrepreneurs on the business digitization. As the digitization leader in Poland, Asseco shows how to effectively transfer traditional business processes to the online world. As part of the campaign, it is launching the website with practical knowledge on digitization. The initiative is also joined by other Partners, such as the Cyfrowa Polska Association (Związek Cyfrowa Polska) and Samsung, in order to educate the market together with Asseco.

The covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitization processes in companies. According to a McKinsey report, from January to May 2020, the digital economy in Poland grew by 18.4% or 2.5 times faster than in 2017-2019. Companies that want to survive the crisis and continue to grow are already moving their processes to the digital world. On the other hand, research* shows that while most companies (79 percent) understand the need for digital transformation, scaling digital initiatives still remains a challenge. That is why Asseco, together with our Partners, is developing the #PaperlessBusiness initiative to even more effectively help customers design and implement solutions that enable the conversion of traditional processes to digital sphere.

Accelerated digitization is driving increased interest in digital products and services. These changes require from companies and consumers to know what solutions are available and how to use them. We realize that digital transformation leads to bold decisions and many changes, including changes in strategy, processes and selection of the right tools. Asseco, as the largest Polish IT company and leader in the digitization of Polish economy, wants to actively participate in the process of these changes, as well as, through educational activities, improve the digital competence of Poles and show the direction of development of digital services - says Artur Wiza, Vice President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland.

Start of the website

One of the pillars of the new activities, within the #PaperlessBusiness campaign, will be an educational and information website: This is the first website of its kind, entirely devoted to digitization, where entrepreneurs and consumers will find expert advice and practical knowledge about its various aspects. They will learn how to effectively transfer traditional processes to the digital world and what benefits it brings, how to use digital tools in different areas of life and how important cyber security is. They will also gain knowledge about trust services such as electronic signature or video verification. The service will be substantively supported by the representatives of the partners: Michał Kanownik from the Digital Poland Association, Ph.D. Michał Kawecki from the Warsaw School of Banking, Justyna Orłowska from GovTech, Ph.D. Krzysztof Kozłowski from the Warsaw School of Economics, Professor, Ph.D Dariusz Szostek from the University of Opole, Tomasz Chomicki from Samsung Electronic Poland, Michał Tabor from, as well as the experts from Asseco Poland and Asseco Data Systems.

The educational activities will be conducted through business media and social networks. Training sessions for entrepreneurs in the form of webinars will be organized, as well as debates with experts.

The partners of the campaign are: the Digital Poland Association, Samsung, GovTech Poland, the Warsaw School of Banking, the Warsaw School of Economics,, Santander Consumer Bank, Szostek_Bar and Partnerzy law firm and the Clean Poland Program.

* EY Digital Investment Index research

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