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Residents of the Podkarpacie Province can register at more than 1100 practitioners and obtain over 1500 medical services. The service is provided via the Podkarpacie Healthcare Information System (PHIS). It is convenient and will certainly make you remember about your scheduled appointments.

The Podkarpacie Healthcare Information System (PHIS), developed in partnership with Asseco, is a modern web portal for gathering, analyzing, and sharing information regarding healthcare services that were provided or are scheduled for provision. In other words, patients can use it to find information online about the scope and availability of services provided at a doctors’ practice or at a hospital. They can also schedule an appointment with a chosen practitioner, as well as keep track of all registrations, which gives them real-time information regarding the number of patients scheduling an appointment with a particular practitioner. The platform enables the registered healthcare facilities to exchange information electronically. This ensures that all patient data will be accessible across all facilities within the PHIS in the Podkarpacie Province.

How does it work?

In order to use the PHIS simply visit the platform’s website (, and register in just a few steps. You will only need an active e-mail account and a mobile phone number. After registration is done you’ll have to confirm your data during a visit to a healthcare facility.

Even without an active account, the system provides a simple and transparent list of services and healthcare facilities. You can find a specific hospital, get its contact details, information on its specialization, as well as all services provided there, its list of practitioners of a chosen specialization, and free appointment times for the provision of a particular service.

You can also set up an account for a minor. This means parents can easily arrange an appointment for their children, and cancel it if need be. They can also keep up to date with all the scheduled appointments. Most importantly, providing your mobile phone number during registration means you will receive a free text message reminding you about the scheduled appointment a few days in advance.

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