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Three Asseco Group companies among top Polish private dividend payers

Having paid out a record-high dividend of over PLN 258 million, Asseco Poland was ranked 6th in the ranking of "Poland's Largest Private Dividend Payers 2021" prepared by Forbes magazine. The Company has been consistently building shareholder value and regularly distributing its profits for over a dozen years. So far it has paid out over PLN 2.7 billion.

According to Asseco Poland's current dividend policy, dividend payouts are to exceed 50% of the Company's net profit. From its 2020 profit, Poland's largest IT company paid out PLN 3.11 per share to shareholders, representing 97% of its standalone net profit and 64% of the Asseco Group's net profit.

In addition, the list includes Asseco Business Solutions and Asseco South Eastern Europe, which in 2021 paid out to their shareholders in the form of dividends nearly PLN 67 million (PLN 2.00 per share) and nearly PLN 52 million (PLN 1.00 per share), respectively.