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With the increasing globalization, investors are gaining more and more opportunities to invest capital. It has become quite a challenge to properly manage capital investments and concurrently obtain optimum results. The answer to that is the family of PROMAK solutions which provide effective support for brokerage houses, fiduciary banks and investors, both individual and institutional, including in particular investment funds.


All of these clients have different needs and expectations, therefore the family of PROMAK applications created by Asseco consists of three segments, each being dedicated to one of the above-mentioned groups.


Our applications facilitate effective management of a brokerage house, efficient provision of services to investors, comprehensive analysis of stock quotes in a number of markets, optimum management of entrusted assets and related transactions, building investment strategies to ensure high returns and structuring of suitable asset portfolios.

Within the PROMAK family, the applications designed to handle the relations between individual investors and brokerage houses are of special importance, because they bring mutual benefits to both the involved parties. Investors are provided with valuable tools for placing orders, observing and analyzing stock quotes, while brokerage houses are able to expand their offering and gain competitive advantage in the market.

Presently, the foundation of our software suite designed to support capital market services and investments is PROMAK Plus, a new generation of the PROMAK system which has been successfully used to handle brokerage operations for over a dozen years.

The functionality of PROMAK Plus includes:

  • rapid handling of orders and settlement of trades
  • keeping records of securities
  • accounting support and quick generation of statements and reports

Brokerage houses - our competences

Responding to the needs of investors who want to make their capital investments at any time and from any place, Asseco has developed a package of four applications designed to run on computers and mobile devices. Their common feature is intuitive and user-friendly operation, where all repetitive tasks have been reduced to a minimum, allowing the users to focus on the most important thing – successful investments.

An important advantage of the whole family of PROMAK applications is their mutual compatibility. All the systems have been prepared by a team of closely cooperating experts. Owing to that, our applications, which can run independently from each other, may also be seamlessly integrated to work together without the need of creating any additional middleware that is often required to enable cooperation between applications provided by different vendors.

In a situation where only a smartphone is available, you can manage trading orders and observe quotations with the help of mPROMAK application which is compatible with most operating systems, including Android and iOS, and its Windows Phone version is to be released shortly.

Advantages of tablets – such as a relatively large-size and high-resolution screen along with easy and convenient operation – are fully utilized by mPROMAK TE application which provides a variety of investing tools to view and analyze stock quotes, communicate with the brokerage office, and quickly access information on public offerings.

PROMAK Plus system enables efficient management of operations on the securities account, as well as in-depth observation and analysis of quotations. 

Requirements of the most demanding investors, including investment fund managers, will be satisfied by ePROMAK Professional. It offers a great multitude of tools for technical analysis and execution of investment-related operations, which will come as a pleasant surprise to many investors.

Information is the most valuable resource for every stock market investor. It must be clearly legible and delivered to the correct address on a timely basis, accommodating to the changing preferences and habits of investors. One piece of information may just confirm the execution of a trade by the brokerage house, another may be a necessary factor in making an investment decision. These fundamental needs are satisfied by the PROMAK SP system which provides stock market investors with automatic notifications on all events recorded in their investment accounts.


Our comprehensive and integrated portfolio of products dedicated to brokerage houses is supplemented with PROMAK SE which is a system designed to support the operations of Issuance Sponsors in the domestic IPO market.

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