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PROMAK Funds & Custody

The highest quality administration of liquid assets and related transactions is provided by the applications of PROMAK Custody and PROMAK Funds which are dedicated to trust companies and investment funds.

PROMAK Custody provides comprehensive support for the activities of trustees. The application allows to automate many processes, including payment of dividends or interest on bonds, redemption of bonds, handling of subscription rights, stock splits and assimilations.

PROMAK Funds is dedicated to investment funds as well as to bank trust departments. Its functionality enables, among other things, to:


determine the net asset value of the participation unit handle transactions, deposits and money transfers monitor investment limits and the fund’s involvement calculate the costs charged to the fund

PROMAK Trustee and PROMAK Funds ensure the highest quality of liquid assets administration. Moreover, an integral part of this system is the fund accounting module which supports the creation of a chart of accounts, approval of placed orders, overview of account balances, as well as many other tasks.


Capital Market Dept.

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