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Picture of a woman using banking app.

Asseco Poland's history began with the history of the computerization of cooperative banks. Using our long experience in collaboration with cooperative banks, we have prepared for you solutions that meet the demands of modern, cooperative financial institutions. We provide both complete solutions as well as specialized, domain-systems enhance its operational efficiency of cooperative banks.


For over 15 years, more than 120 cooperative banks use modern internet banking
services provided in the Software as a Service (SaaS).

Our IT systems are not only synonymous with modernity and security, but also open architecture and use of industry standards. With our services, you can use the traditional local installations as well as cloud computing model (Software as a Service).


Our experience in banking

Picture of people working on banking application.Asseco Poland S.A. provides extensive technological competencies. Our overarching goal is to monitor the market for new technology, enabling Asseco Poland S.A. to offer our clients the best-suited and most effective system classes, including:

  • Internet systems based on JEE 3-layer architecture
  • Service-Oriented Architecture systems
  • Business Process Management solutions 
  • Business Intelligence solutions
  • Client-server applications
  • Lotus Notes applications

Picture of team conferring about new banking system.

In developing def3000 software, Asseco Poland S.A. uses world-class models to streamline company efficiency, which have been adapted to the specifics of the Polish IT market and modified based on company experience acquired in implementing projects for corporate clients.

Asseco Poland S.A. uses methodologies and precisely defined process is in the following areas:

  • Management and organization
  • Analysis and design
  • Application engineering
  • Testing
  • Drafting documentation
  • Post-implementation support
  • Assuring quality control
  • Managing know-how, knowledge and information
  • Communication
  • Infrastructure

Our organizational structure is suited for the parallel implementation of processes stemming from ongoing contracts while simultaneously maintaining flexibility of their design and operational control. Significant elements of the defined structure:

  • Linking of the functional and design structures
  • Focus on creating dynamic design groups to implement specific projects
  • Precise definition of employee roles in projects and the scope of their responsibilities
  • Separation of an organizational unit, assuring formal recordkeeping, monitoring and project management support

Asseco Poland S.A. uses dedicated tools to maintain high-quality project management processes.

Traditional client services in bank branches have in recent years been expanded to include new technologies as they have emerged. Banks have typically added new access channels to complement the traditional branch services thereby creating multichannel solutions in which channels have operated independently of each other, based on their own processes.

To meet current and future client expectations an environment needs to be built that ensures a uniform and consistent level of customer service - an omnichannel environment.
  Asseco Omnichannel Banking Solutions

We have ready-made solutions within banking omnichannel strategy:

 Asseco Customer Banking Platform

 Asseco Advisory Banking Platform

Image of dekstops with CBP system.

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Jacek Chyliński

Head of IT Dept.

Cooperative Bank Oleśnica

Cooperative Bank in Oleśnica has been working with Asseco for many years in the delivery and maintenance of banking software. This cooperation is reflected in the satisfaction of our employees and customers. The project of Asseco CBP meets today's technology, and enable a quicker adaptation of new solutions for our customers.

Piotr Mazur

Head of IT Dept.

Cooperative Bank in Poznań

Considerable part in the selection of a new Internet banking system had a good experience in cooperation with Asseco Poland. Our bank was looking for a solution delivered in a SaaS model with high usability for the customer, which will be innovative, to ensure its use for many years, will provide customers with services at a level comparable to those provided by commercial banks and will follow the global trend that is currently omnichannel banking.

We serve more than 200 cooperative banks.