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Municipal Broadband Network in Elbląg

Details of implementation

„Elbląg is a town that favors modern solutions and innovations. I am convinced that good telecommunications infrastructure will increase our attractiveness in the eyes of companies that implement modern technologies, as well the ones that are only just testing their ideas. I guarantee that the town will support them” - said Grzegorz Nowaczyk, Mayor of Elbląg.

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Elbląg herb

Elbląg is a big poviat town with 120 thousand inha-bitants. Within its borders, there are heavy industry plants (turbines, propellers) and breweries. Elbląg is also a communications junction and a cultural center of great importance for the entire region. The au-thorities of Elbląg therefore promote the develop-ment of industry based on knowledge, open to inno-vations and to the development of services and tourism. They implement projects that attract inno-vative undertakings and support the development of local universities.