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Harness the power of technology.

Asseco is a leader in solutions for the energy sector in Poland and is progressively broadening its commercial footprint in international landscapes, managing over 40 million points of electricity and gas consumption collectively. The flagship solutions under the Asseco Utility Management Solutions (AUMS) portfolio cater to every facet of the sector, encompassing power generation, transmission, distribution, and sales, aligning seamlessly with contemporary market trends like electromobility and energy efficiency. Over 500 top specialists in the energy sector dedicate their expertise to the evolution of our solutions.

We’ve earned the trust of nearly 65% of energy companies in Poland:

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Develop your business potential.

Take advantage of the power of AUMS solutions that provide:



increase in product sales


increase customer service quality


reduction of operating costs


improvement of the company's competitiveness


offering new smart services


increase in business efficiency

Learn about the AUMS systems family.

Check out the capabilities of the solutions used by the market leaders.

Efficiently bill customers.

AUMS Billing

A line of billing products designed for businesses of all sizes. Choose the one that best fits your business needs.

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Consistent data from different meters.


The system allows efficient data acquisition and management from all meters. It facilitates billing, balancing, analysis and reporting.

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Sell to and bill customers online.

AUMS Customer Portal

The system streamlines electronic communication with customers, billing and invoice distribution. It allows efficient expansion of the offer with new products and services.

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Gain 360° view of the customer.

AUMS Digital Cloud

A state-of-the-art platform for implementing advanced business solutions that require customer communication.

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Manage charging stations.


A platform for billing services and managing electric vehicle charging stations. It supports all business models in the e-mobility market.

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Maintain regulatory compliance.

AUMS Market Connector

It provides systems integration and business process automation. It enables two-way communication with various systems, including the CSIRE system.

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Reduce energy consumption costs.

Asseco DSM

The system facilitates the adjustment of energy consumption to the needs and capabilities of the power system. It allows to remotely interact with metering devices. More information

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Comprehensively manage assets

Asseco SAMO

The solution enables effective asset management, integrating information on infrastructure, fixed assets and maintenance processes.

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Top quality as standard.

AUMS systems allow easy integration with third-party solutions. They provide great flexibility, scalability and various deployment models. Choose the one that’s right for your business..






hybrid cloud


on premise

Work with the best.

Choose the solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. Be sure that you receive professional and prompt support. What sets us apart:

 Individual approach to project and partnership.

 High-quality products that meet performance tests.

 Speed of response to the changes in the business and regulatory environment.

 Excellent knowledge of the sector and the needs of energy companies.

 Full support of utility sector specialists and experts.

 Broad technological and implementation competence.


“Thanks to the implementation of the Central Billing System, which works on the basis of the functionalities offered by AUMS Biling & CIS, the largest retail service provider in the PGNiG Group will gain a tool to serve our current and future customers even more efficiently. We estimate that nearly 7 million gas and electricity consumers in Poland will benefit from the new solution. This is one of the largest projects of its kind in the energy sector in Central and Eastern Europe.”


“Today, all Enea employees in the fields of customer service, debt collection and billing, can work using a single billing system, regardless of their location. They use the same tools and data. The implementation of Asseco’s solutions was crucial for daily tasks and customer service.”

TAURON Customer Service

“Thanks to the implementation of Asseco’s solutions, TAURON operates one of the most technologically advanced solutions in the Polish market, which translates into the quality of the Group’s customer service. The functional scope of AUMS EDO covers all processes for mass segment customer service (i.e., mass customer and small businesses).”


“The excellent cooperation between RWE Group Companies and Asseco Poland in first implementing and then upgrading and developing ADO has been going on since 2009. During this time, we jointly built a solution that today for RWE is one of the core elements in the acquisition and management of readings data. Thanks to new functionalities, automated work verification, mass handling of information exchange, etc., we have measurably reduced the service time for controllers in the field, which has allowed us to increase operational efficiency and improve results.”

PGE Dystrybucja, Rzeszów Branch

“The implementation of the project to prepare a mobile application that works with AUMS Acquisition of Readings Data (AUMS ADO), was aimed at improving the work of people who acquire readings from electricity meters in the field. The new software on the new devices runs significantly faster, and offers great opportunities for development. In addition, the level of security of sensitive data held on collection devices has been increased through integration with MDM-class software.”

Choose quality.

Choose solutions from Asseco, the leader in digitization in Poland.


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