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Młodzi ludzie korzystający z technologii telekomunikacyjnej.

We have ca. 40% market share in the billing systems for telecommunication operators. We are a major supplier of billing systems for Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. The solutions created and implemented by Asseco Poland S.A. are used by leading mobile and traditional telecommunication operators in the Polish market and also by new media companies. The ITI Group, among other companies, applies our proprietary solution.


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ATG components offer a number of benefits by providing engines that allow for automating and simplifying some activities. In particular, ATG provides excellent support for up-selling and cross-selling by providing the ability to define relevant marketing scenarios and campaigns. From the business personnel point of view, such functionalities are very important.

The ATG platform is a proven, stable and scalable solution that supports eCommerce processes.

Website personalization

ATG enables preparing and providing dynamically a dedicated offer, tailored to the specific needs of the customer. The efficient personalization engine uses all available data on the user, such as purchase history, search history, ERP/CRM data. Dedicated offer presentation is an effective way to increase customer conversion and loyalty.

Online marketing

Delivering marketing campaigns using multiple answer tests maximizes ROI, because the most effective campaign profile is used. Multiple answer tests are also helpful in analyzing product/customer segmentation strategy, website redesigning, or adding new functionalities.


The integrated search module supports natural language processing and allows the customers to quickly and easily find the information and products they need. Integration with the personalization feature allows for presenting the most relevant search results, adjusted to the customer’s profile.

Merchandising and content management

Store offer management is simpler thanks to extensive product catalog support features. An easy and intuitive back-office user interface improves work ergonomics, even in the case of very complex catalogs. A suitably configured catalog serves as a repository for data used, among others, by personalization features.

Multiple channels

Support for sales processes is not limited to the website, because customer contacts related to sales may span multiple channels. The ATG platform offers Click-to-Call and Click-to-Chat features, thus enhancing the possibilities of interacting with the customer. Moreover, the system’s open architecture enables adding new channels, such as IVR, SMS/MMS, IVVR or Chatter Bot.


ATG’s platform includes a dedicated reporting and analysis module that uses reporting Data Marts. The module offers an easy manner of generating reports on current and history eCommerce activities, customer care, user activity, website traffic, etc. It also uses demographic data associated with the customers’ profiles.

Support for user-created content (Web 2.0)

The store’s offering may be enriched with recommendations and comments of other users (Social Commerce). The reporting module will also enable tracking the impact of recommendations on product sales efficiency.

B2B process support

In addition to B2C, ATG offers support for business to business (B2B) transactions with distributors and other online sellers. The module’s extensive features include product catalog integration, pricelists, workflow, bulk order support, etc.

Open environment

ATG’s technology is based on a specific set of components and technologies that allow for quickly creating efficient eCommerce systems (Rapid Application Development – RAD). It is therefore possible to freely expand the system and integrate it with the organization’s environment. Asseco conducts development works using ATG technologies for the largest portal of this type of one of the largest telecommunications carriers active on the Polish market.


Oracle BRM

Picture of a person enjoying telecommunications.Asseco deploys Billing and Revenue Management solutions based on Oracle technology for the largest telecommunications carriers. Such solutions are especially important for those carriers, which are interested in consolidating multiple billing applications into a single, convergent platform.

By deploying Oracle BRM, the carrier can gain access to rich functionality, proven in multiple deployments, which corresponds with the requirements of a modern telecommunications carrier. In particular, it is possible to implement a broad, innovative offer by using real-time or near real-time billing, deploying service packages (including converged offering), improving business process indicators and measures (Time To Market, Bill To Pay, Order To Cash), etc. Performance tests show that the solution is very efficient and reliable, especially in the telecommunications industry. The system improves invoicing, customer balance and billing management, and customer satisfaction.


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Asseco uses WebMethods technologies since the very beginnings of this technology on the Polish market. This allowed us to build a strong, certified team with skills in the integration platform’s deployment, optimization and fine-tuning, as well as in developing integration solutions that use this platform.

The integration platform deployment process is only the beginning of creating a service-oriented architecture. The next steps are solution optimization, and then service and business process design and implementation. Separating those stages and the underlying works is important, because they require different kinds of experts – system engineers and business analysts.



The Mainframe architecture allows for processing vast amounts of information with great efficiency. Mainframe systems stand out for their I/O performance and excellent multitasking capabilities. Computers working in this architecture handle tens of thousands of concurrent users without any problems, keeping the response times below one second. Modern Mainframe computers are able to run multiple operating systems. IBM zSeries and System z9 computers offer three virtualization levels: logical partitions, virtual machines, and the z/OS operating system. The aforementioned technology solutions were used by Asseco at constructing, deploying and growing the SERAT2 billing system. Image of a woman using telecommunications at work.

IBM WebSphere Application Integration

In the area of application integration, Asseco has extensive skills and experience in deploying IBM WebSphere integration platforms in the telecommunications industry. The IBM WebSphere family of SOA-based Enterprise Application Integration solutions.


Teradata Data Warehouse uses the world’s most efficient data storage engine. The solution’s architecture  is based on nodes and allows for balancing workloads so as to ensure that queries are handled in parallel. To achieve this, queries are divided into the smallest subtasks possible. Such subtasks may be handled individually by individual work units comprising the system. The solutions used make Teradata Data Warehouse very cost efficient in extension and maintenance, and ensure easy management of all data stored in the system.

Billing solutions

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Asseco Poland S.A. is a provider of one of the largest billing systems in Europe. Our solution, used for many years by Poland’s largest telecommunications carrier, confirms our competencies in this area of telecommunications IT solutions. Asseco’s experts have thorough knowledge of both technical and business aspects of billing systems. We specialize in end-to-end solutions that ensure full support of subscriber settlements – from billing data aggregation, through data processing, rating, billing, to invoicing. Additionally, we have broad experience in providing printing, enveloping and dispatching invoices to individual subscribers.


CRM solutions

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CRM is a key area for modern business operations. For some time, in the case of a telecommunications carrier, it was considered to be less important than billing. This changed when carriers changed their Billing Centric approach to Customer Centric. According to this concept, systems included in the CRM area, especially the CRM system itself, became one of business critical systems for carriers. For many years now, Asseco has been delivering critical Customer Management systems responsible, among others, for integrated sales channel support or support for business, key and operator customers.

Asseco’s experts have vast knowledge of both technical and business aspects of CRM solutions with regard to retail (B2C), business (B2B) and wholesale operations, also including regulated services, such as LLU, NP, BSA or WLR. This allows us to successfully deliver high complexity projects for our Customers.

Portal Solutions

Portal solutions, especially eCommerce, are of strategic importance for telecommunications carrier customers, as well as for the carrier’s image in the Web. The can be used for both presenting the carrier’s offer and supporting customers in managing their subscriber account, acting as a middle agent in contacting CCC (Customer Care Center) or selling products and services. But the most important role of a good portal solution is to show the carrier as a modern and innovative company – a true 21st century telco.For many years now, Asseco has been a leader in providing state-of-the-art, comprehensive portal solutions (Multi Access Portal) for the telecommunications industry. Our solutions are based on in-house products, and also systems of leading eCommerce providers, ATG and IBM. The solutions we offer (supporting both the mass market and B2B operations) combine eCommerce portal functionality, and the ergonomics and assumptions of Web 2.0. On the other hand, our systems help to create the carrier’s online presence by providing multi-channel access to the carrier’s offer, and the ability to communicate with end users via the Web, mobile WWW, SMS/MMS/IVR/IVVR, USSD, Instant Messaging or Chatter Bots.

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Application SOA

A Service Oriented Architecture presents business processes as a set of interconnected services. By using open standards, the companies business operations becomes more efficient and enables easier cooperation. Business processes supported by SOA allow the carrier to use data and application that previously were hardly connected with one another more efficiently throughout the organization, as well as by external companies. This approach uses existing IT resources to improve productiveness and decrease response time in the event of changing market conditions. As a leading provider of solutions for the telecommunications industry, Asseco has unique experience in programming and developing SOA class systems and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) integration platforms, as well as ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) solutions.

Business Intelligence

Data warehouses and Business Intelligence solutions are an indispensable element of competition between organizations operating on highly competitive markets. A well prepared Business Intelligence system that uses OLAP, Predictive Analytics or Data Mining enables to obtain long-term competitive advantage by quickly providing reliable information on the organization’s status, including the ability to forecast the effectiveness of planned decisions. Asseco has unique competencies in developing complex data warehouses and Business Intelligence systems for the telecommunications industry, based on a broad range of products offered by leading technology providers, such as SAS, Oracle, IBM or Business Objects.


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Value edded

The telecommunications industry is the most dynamically growing market, especially with regard to value-added services. It is a result of the progressing expansion of telephony, including 3G services introduced by mobile carriers, which enables communication using not only text or voice, but also image and video. The constantly growing number of portals and services requires contact (with the customer or with the viewer). Often, this contact comes in the form of an SMS – be it voting for your favorite dancer or a bank transfer. For many years, Asseco has been developing its own value-added service platform. We began with support for SMS dispatch or voting. Now, each year, we add new functionalities that ensure a better way of using new communication channels. Currently, our value-added service platform not only delivers SMS-based services, but also supports MMS messages, IVR and IVVR.


Implementation of the billing system SERAT2

The system has operated for the biggest Polish telecommunications operator since 1989. At first, it was activated only for part of subscribers, but due to its efficiency and adjustment to the operator’s business a decision was made to implement it as the main billing system.The system has been functioning for five years in the present form. It constantly undergoes developments and adjustments in accordance with business and regulatory needs that the Customer is required to fulfil.

Development of the billing system for mobile network operators

For many years Asseco experts have worked on development of one of the billing systems for major mobile network operators in Poland. Progress has been carried out by implementing numerous projects of a different scope, whose objective is to develop modules responsible for charging and rating.

Implementation of the revenue protection system FRED

The system has been implemented for telecommunications operator Netia S.A. Furthermore, tests are being carried out for several other telecommunication operators.

 Integration od the application

We co-created installation of one of the biggest integration platforms on the Polish markets, which has been developed for a land telephony operator. Within the first phase of the platform implementation a solution based on commercial components of one of the leaders of EAI/SOA solutions market was activated. This solution was successfully exploited for several subsequent years. As the next step of development of the integration platform we implemented migration to another product that was better adjusted to the Customer’s requirements. Migration ended with success and Asseco still takes an active part in further development of the platform by introducing further modifications required by the Customer.

 Customer Management

Customer Service System for the telecommunications operator

Asseco invented, implemented and still develops Customer Service System for a telecommunications operator. Customer Service System supports Key Customers Service, Customers-Operators service, as regards in particular LLU, NP, Bitstream and WLR services and supporting sales for companies being Business Customers. Possible adaptation to the changing organization processes and changing environment of the integrated operator, to which the system belongs, is an important feature of the system. The system enables full Customer service. Starting with operating sales tasks and processes, through support for analytics and sales reporting and finishing with settlement as regards sellers. It is worth emphasizing that the solution has a very wide range of data concerning the Customer, thanks to which it is an additional source of data for analytical systems and Business Intelligenc

Sales support system for the telecommunications operator

Asseco developed and implemented sales support system for a large mobile network operator. The cooperation started in 2002. Since implementation of the solution it has been constantly developed in accordance with the Customer’s business requirements.

Marketing campaigns management system

Between 2006-2008 Asseco implemented a marketing campaigns management system for a telecommunications operator based on Unica Affinium Campaign. The marketing campaigns management system is used by employees of marketing division responsible for defining campaigns, selection of target groups and implementation of coordinated campaigns by means of different channels

 Added Services

Mobile banking system based on SMS and WAP services

Asseco implemented a solution, which grants access to a bank account by means of a mobile telephone using SMS or WAP. Apart from the traditional functionality as regards maintenance of the account balance, list of recently executed operations, etc. the solution also gives access to information concerning nearest cash points and bank branches.

Operation of SMS voting system for one of GSM operators in Poland

The system is located within IT architecture of one of GSM operators in Poland. It is designed to process SMS messages coming from external suppliers. Each SMS message is interpreted in terms of content. SMS messages are treated as votes in different kinds of polls. The system responds to persons who participate in polls by sending an SMS message. UCP protocol is used to send and receive SMS messages.

SMS system to make payments of car park fees

We have implemented a system enabling to pay car park fees using SMS messages. Within this project an external service has been added to a telephone bill for the first time in Poland.

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