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We are 30.

Technology supports development and enables millions of people around the world to adapt to change. For 30 years Asseco has been implementing IT projects that translate into the success of companies from all sectors of the economy as well as their clients.

Asseco is not slowing down

Very good results in all operating segments after three quarters of 2020

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Asseco the National Champion

Asseco Poland was ranked 3rd in the Polityka Insight #NationalChampions ranking.

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Asseco has created common IT platform for cooperative banks

The Common Information Technology Platform (WPI) is a comprehensive IT solution offered in the SaaS model

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Customize Asseco offer to meet your needs.

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We support major areas of the economy:


Zdjęcie przedstawiające spotkanie biznesowe w biurze.

Making the software for banks, brokerage houses and finance institutions has been one of the primary specialization of Asseco since its very early times.

Public institutions

Zdjęcie przedstawicieli instytucji publicznych.

We specialize in the creation and delivery of solutions that cannot be done by standard means and tools, without a great deal of creative work. 

Telco, Power Industry, Utilities

Zdjęcie młodych przedsiębiorców.

Asseco operates in the telecommunications, power industry and utilities sectors for over 20 years. Our solutions are reliable and flexible, and can be easily customized to all kind of our clients.

Competence Center

Zdjęcie pracownika działu business intelligence.

The Asseco Group offers a full range of own-made modern ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) for small, medium and large enterprises. 

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telco and utilities


public institutions

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