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Asseco‘s Investor Relations among top rated in "Parkiet" ranking

Asseco remained in the third place among the WIG30 companies best evaluated by financial institutions in the ranking prepared by the editors of the "Parkiet" daily. Whereas, in the survey conducted among individual investors, Asseco advanced to the fourth position. Thus, the company’s communication with the market was again recognized as one of the best.

The most important thing in investor relations is transparency and openness to dialogue, which is the basis for continuous modification of the communication strategy and its adaptation to the needs of different stakeholder groups. IR assumes an interdisciplinary approach to a company and its business. Our task is to collect and harmoniously arrange information and figures from many areas, including individual business divisions and subsidiaries, so that they form a coherent whole. In this way, messages are created that reach investors as the so-called equity story. In this profession, it is crucial to not only be a "transmitter" of information, but to really understand its business sense and its impact on the current and future situation of the company - said Joanna Paczkowska-Tatomir, Head of Investor Relations in Asseco Poland. A good IR team has its eyes wide open - it observes the market situation, understands its context, looks for connections and analogies, analyses case studies of other companies, and knows how to draw conclusions. It must also not be afraid of constructive criticism and should listen carefully to feedback from investors. Flexibility, the ability to adapt to different situations and the use of appropriate communication tools are also important. A professional IR team is a team which shares knowledge and expands this knowledge all the time by participating in trainings, courses and industry meetings - she concluded.

The pandemic, the geopolitical situation and major market turbulence have made transparent and reliable communication even more important. Not avoiding sometimes difficult topics is nowadays of elementary importance for conducting good IR. Equal access to information for all investors, openness to contacts with them and the ability to listen to their needs are also important. Without these elements, listed companies will not be able to build investor confidence.

The companies were awarded during the Conference of the Chamber of Brokerage Houses. The winners, as every year, were selected in two parts of the survey: through votes of readers and individual investors cast on the "Parkiet" daily website and through a questionnaire sent to fund managers and analysts from brokerage houses.