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Cooperative Bank in Płońsk and Lubaczów

Client in the first place

Details of implementation

The key element of the implementation was the development of common processes, because despite using similar tools, each bank had a different approach to product sales and customer service.

Therefore, in the first stage of the project Asseco focused on creating uniform standards, including the chart of accounts, accounting schemes, product tree, internal processes and distribution channels.

The development of synergies in the area of services was necessary so that institutions could increase the efficiency of the platform use and reduce customer service costs. Despite the definition of common accounting, sales and management information processes, Asseco made sure that the cooperative banks would retain full business autonomy in the following areas:

• shaping the value of commercial parameters in contracts with customers

• the interest rate on deposit and credit products

• fees and commissions charged

• exchange rates

Client's profile

The Cooperative Bank in Lubaczów is one of the largest cooperative banks in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, having 10 subsidiaries and branches. The bank employs about 100 people and its balance sheet total in 2020 was over PLN 550 million. It has built its position on credibility and trust, thanks to which it has been providing financial services to the local community for over a hundred years. It combines tradition with modernity, while ensuring an individual approach to the customer.

The Cooperative Bank in Płońsk belongs to the group of banks which in 2020 had equity of about PLN 60 million. It operates through 9 branches and 7 service points and employs almost 150 people. The effectiveness of the implemented activities and systematic development of the bank are reflected not only in the growth of deposits and loans, but also in the balance sheet total, which in 2020 amounted to over PLN 846 million.

Both institutions are part of the Bank of Polish Cooperative Society Group (BPS), which is the largest association of cooperative banks in Poland.