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The Ministry of Treasury

Ministry of Treasury - Computer System for Registers (SIR)

Details of implementation

In October 2008, an all-national computer system for registers, covering the central register and province registers, was launched at the Ministry of Treasury. The system makes it possible for the Ministry to transfer the data of persons eligible in the month in which the data was entered in the central register, to Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. The dates of transferring complete and correct data to the central register by province offices are the factor that decides upon the order of sending the data to BGK. System implementation allowed increasing the number of data of eligible persons transferred by the Ministry of Treasury to Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and, at the same time, has resulted in considerable acceleration of compensation disbursement.

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The Ministry of Treasury is an auxiliary office of the Minister of Treasury, the central body of government administration responsible for the department of government administration – the State Treasury. The tasks of the Minister leading it include, above all, managing the Treasury property. The Minister implements its tasks by, among others, initiating the strategy of commercialization (converting state enterprises into commercial companies) and by both direct and indirect privatization.