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OPEC Grudziądz

OPEC Grudziądz - Microsoft Dynamics AX

Details of implementation

„It was important for us that, together with the software, we gained the possibility of using the open source code of the system, which will enable us to adapt the system to our needs in future. The most significant factors also included functions of the Microsoft Dynamics AX system, which have been adapted by Asseco Poland to our needs, i.e. accounting for costs and vindication. They are one of the important pillars of activities conducted by OPEC Grudziądz.”, said Małgorzata Kosińska from OPEC Grudziądz.

Client's profile

The activities of OPEC Grudziądz focus on providing heating services to organizational units of public utilities, residential units, and other economic entities as well as individuals through delivering thermal energy for heating, technological purposes, and the preparation of hot utility water. What is characteristic about the activities of the company is that it produces thermal energy in connection with electricity, which is consumed by the company itself. The surplus energy is sold to a power plant.