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Asseco CBP at SGB-Bank S.A.

Customers of the SGB Banks Cooperative can now use what is probably the only e-banking on the market that allows them to build their bank. This is possible thanks to the Asseco Customer Banking Platform (Asseco CBP) e-banking solution. It makes use of, among other things, the concept of mini apps as well as RWD technology.

The system operates in several cooperative banks, which all use a common integrated solution for association, called SGB24. The Rzeszów-based company developed Asseco CBP based on its many years of experience and taking into account users’ individual preferences and needs, in particular those related to e-banking.


Andrzej Nowakowski, Director of the Cooperative Banks Division at Asseco Poland: It’s an innovative and responsive system. This means that no matter what device a bank customer uses in order to interact with it, they will have the same sort of experience. It allows the bank to contact its customers directly and present an offer that way. This solution is tailored for both retail customers and for the SME sector.


Asseco CBP employs the RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology. This simply means that no matter if you’re on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you still use the system the same way. Bank customers can themselves decide what they need and what they want to use at a particular time thanks to the special embedded miniapp store.


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