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Asseco the winner of the "Cooperative Technology of the Year 2020" competition

Wspólna Platforma Informatyczna (WPI – the Common Information Platform) was awarded in the 1st edition of the "Cooperative Technology of the Year 2020" competition in the "Comprehensive solution of IT companies dedicated to cooperative banking" category. The competition was organized by the Polish Bank Association and the Center for Banking Law and Information. The solution has already been implemented in the Cooperative Bank in Płońsk and Lubaczów.

WPI is a project implemented in a SaaS model. The solution is dedicated to all cooperative banks, but provides each of them with the autonomy to conduct business. In addition, it minimizes investment costs on the customer side. When deciding to implement WPI, the bank does not bear the risk of financial failure of the project, as this element is taken on by Asseco. WPI is an implementation of the Asseco BooX solution dedicated to cooperative banks. This is the first solution of its kind in Poland, which contains everything a modern financial institution needs. This solution has been already launched at the Cooperative Bank in Płońsk and Lubaczów.

For a cooperative bank, WPI means the elimination of investments and the predictability of costs. This is because the platform is available in a SaaS model, which brilliantly reduces the costs associated with having separate infrastructure and resources to maintain them. Asseco takes over responsibility for hardware infrastructure, server room maintenance, software licenses and updates, as well as activities such as day/month/year closures. Within a single subscription fee, the cooperative banks in Płońsk and Lubaczów received everything necessary for the day-to-day operation and development of a modern financial institution. Thus, the banks' new offerings can be implemented faster, and the commonality helps not only to meet regulatory obligations, but also to reduce costs, said Andrzej Nowakowski, Director of the Cooperative Banks Division, Asseco Poland.

The award was received on behalf of Asseco by Zbigniew Pomianek, Vice President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland, during the Cooperative Banking Technology Forum. He emphasized the great importance of the teams working on this project.

I would like to thank very much the management boards of the banks in Płońsk and Lubaczów for deciding to implement this solution, and, above all, the teams of these organizations for their cooperation in this initiative, said the representative of Asseco. As part of the joint effort, we transferred virtually all of the banks' systems to Asseco's cloud solutions. This required great commitment from the project participants, which resulted in the success of this endeavor at both institutions, he added.

The purpose of the "Cooperative Technology of the Year 2020" competition, in which cooperative banks, banking groups and IT companies took part, is, among other things, to promote unique solutions that can be used by cooperative banks within the framework of available technologies and solutions developed by IT companies. Among the winners of the competition was the Wschowa Cooperative Bank, which uses solutions from Asseco, and was awarded in the category "IT team in cooperative banking."

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