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BSGo Junior from Asseco: Mobile app wins competition for young users at Cooperative Banks

The BSGo Junior mobile application designed for young people is very popular with both cooperative banks and their customers. Parents of young users appreciate the financial learning tool for their children, which at the same time offers the possibility to discreetly monitor their activities. Teens, on the other hand, are eager to use the BLIK mobile payments, the function to manage their finances and the educational materials available in the app.

Young people also appreciate BSGo Junior for its intuitive and attractive user interface. The app is easy to use, featuring a simple and minimalist design and clear layout.

BSGo Junior can be used comfortably on various devices: smartphones, tablets or computers (in addition to the mobile app, there is also a desktop version available online).

Out of the 20 cooperative banks that have joined the implementation of BSGo Junior, 7 have already made the service available to their customers. Users from Skierniewice, Brodnica and Barlinek, among others, are the first to take advantage of the application for young users (the app is available under the name "GBSBank Na Start").

New app for children - BSGo Kids - will soon join BSGo Family

Asseco, a leading provider of technology solutions for the financial sector, will soon launch a new application for children called "BSGo Kids." This solution will complement Asseco's family of mobile products, thus addressing the needs of users of all ages. This will enable cooperative banks to provide comprehensive personalized mobile banking solutions for all customers: from children to teenagers to adults.

One of the key and unique strengths of the Asseco mobile app is its ability to automatically adapt to the age of the user. This means that when a child turns 13, the BSGo Kids app will automatically transform into a "Junior" version, and then when the user reaches the age of majority, it will provide the complete functionality of the adult app.

The solution does not require any additional action on the part of the user, including the installation of a new application from the BSGo family. Parents can rest assured, knowing that their children will have access to the right tools and content that grows up with the user. The information appearing in the app helps young customers learn about the world of finance and makes them more informed consumers.

„The flexibility and automatic adaptation of the application to the age of the user is another step towards creating even more user-friendly, educational financial tools. It's also an excellent example of how modern technology is helping to build the image of cooperative banks as modern organizations that respond efficiently to the changing needs of customers of all ages. Thanks to technology, they are able to provide personalized and efficient service to all users,” – mówi said Joanna Wijata-Siedlecka, WPI Program Director, Asseco Poland „Innovative approaches to providing financial tools from an early age can help increase the number of more financially aware and responsible consumers in the future. However, it should not be forgotten that they must provide an excellent user experience and guarantee a high level of security”.