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Asseco is building a secure e-Poland

Does IT have a nationality? What does National Defense 2.0 mean today? Can it be said that the digitization of the energy sector towards e-commerce is completed? And why gigantomania in health care should become a thing of the past? These were only some of the issues covered during Computerworld’s State 2.0 conference. Asseco was the strategic partner of the event held in Warsaw on March 2 & 3 and attended by representatives of central and local authorities as well as IT companies.

Andrzej Dopierała, CEO of Asseco Data Systems: IT has a nationality. Ten out of ten top suppliers for the public sector in the US are from the States. In Poland, on the other hand, five out of ten largest IT suppliers for public authorities are branches of foreign corporations. Further, he stressed that domestic IT companies have the necessary competencies and experience gained, among others, during the implementation of large, complex projects for the central government, which they can use for the benefit of building a secure e-Poland.


Dopierała also spoke about the largest hacker attacks perpetrated in recent years and pointed out that their number is growing by 30% year on year. He noted that the state itself is not able to provide sufficient cyber security for the country. This is why the cooperation between the state and the private sector is vital for developing common legal solutions, technology standards, and action plans to counteract cyber attacks and treating them as part of a larger crisis management strategy.


Zdzislaw Wiater, Director of the Military Section at Asseco Poland, also devoted much attention to security issues. He moderated and participated in the defense debate. Wiater: The military capability of each state is currently measured not only by the scale of weapons it has but also whether this state uses advanced IT solutions; soon, the latter factor will be decisive when judging each state’s military might and its defense capabilities. He stressed that a skillful combination of new technologies and armed equipment is the key to succeed in the defense sector.


Asseco experts also took part in debates on the energy sector and health care. Tomasz Bendlewski, Director of Energy and Gas Division at Asseco Poland : Energy companies must find new sources of income. He indicated that profits brought by sales of electric energy are stable, but not impressive. He argued that the offer addressed to end consumers should be as flexible as possible. However, any changes in the industry should be carried out very carefully and thoughtfully, given the significance of energy security.


Krzysztof Groyecki, Vice President of Asseco Poland, participated in the health care debate which addressed the P1 platform, among other issues. Groyecki: A system being designed for more than a year is doomed to fail because the world is changing too fast for that. We paid attention to the need for modularity. No more gigantomania in health care. Projects should be smaller and easy to understand for the people responsible. He also added that according to him, the ‘IT for health care’ concept is already out of date. IT is embedded in health care and, in order to survive within health care, it needs to develop at thus far unseen pace.