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Asseco partners with PSE to migrate data to CSIRE

Asseco has signed an agreement with the Polish Power Grid (PSE) to execute data migration to the Central Energy Market Information System (CSIRE). The aim of the cooperation is to prepare the data necessary to launch CSIRE. As part of the project, Asseco will develop specialized software using cloud solutions. This will allow for much better scalability of data processing, which is crucial for such a large project.

The development of the CSIRE system requires the migration of data from about 300 energy market participants. This is an unprecedented event in the Polish energy industry. The challenge will be both the amount of data transferred to the system and the need to standardize the way it is collected and processed by many entities operating in the Polish market.

The energy industry is one of the key sectors for Asseco, with which we have been working effectively for many years. Our IT solutions support the billing of 60 percent of electricity consumers in Poland. Our cooperation with PSE and the implementation of the data migration project is a great opportunity for us to participate in a very important stage of the transformation of the Polish energy market, one of the milestones of which is the development of CSIRE, says Tomasz Bendlewski, Director of the Energy and Gas Division of Asseco Poland.

CSIRE is scheduled to start operating in July 2024. One of the tasks, under the contract between PSE and Asseco, will be to organize data into a uniform format, which will ensure standardization and full automation of processes in the retail electricity market, including, among others, switching vendors. The scope of the contract includes the preparation of a data migration tool and its successive migration to prepare the initial data set for the launch of CSIRE. This process will prepare the source data, locate loopholes and irregularities, complete or correct them, and identify possible inconsistencies in the data of energy sellers and power system operators.

The Central Energy Market Information System (CSIRE) will collect and process energy market information necessary for the implementation of energy market processes specified in the law - including the process of changing electricity sellers and making settlements for the supply and sale of electricity. The most important tasks of CSIRE are to ensure effective and secure exchange of information in the electricity market, which will allow its participants to realize their statutory rights and obligations. CSIRE will unify and streamline market processes and the flow of information among market participants. It will enable end users to access their own energy market information (including metering data) free of charge, as well as improve competitiveness in the sector. It will also provide free access to selected statistical data resulting from energy market processes, as well as to data enabling market participants to offer new products and services. Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne, designated in the Energy Law as the Energy Market Information Operator (OIRE), is responsible for implementing CSIRE. You can learn more about OIRE and CSIRE at