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Banks in the FinTech era – conclusion of the Asseco Banking Forum

Nearly 200 representatives of the banking, IT, and media sectors met in Warsaw during another edition of the Asseco Banking Forum conference, held on October 11. Discussions during the event focused on the challenges facing the banking industry, as well as on the effective use of modern technologies both as a tool for further development and in meeting the changing needs of customers.

The list of speakers included Michał Mrożek, CEO of HSBC Poland; Krzysztof Rosiński, CEO of Getin Noble Bank S.A .; Andrzej Reich, Department Director at Polish Financial Supervision Authority; Adam Góral, CEO of Asseco Poland S.A.; and Zbigniew Pomianek, Vice-President of Asseco Poland S.A.


Adam Góral opened the conference with a short speech. This was followed by a panel discussion dedicated to the development of the FinTech industry and possible cooperation models between banks and  the FinTech industry. Technology Vision for Banking 2016, a report by Accenture, was presented in the latter part of the meeting.


New IT solutions for the banking industry were also discussed at the Forum. Capabilities of cutting-edge solutions, such as the Asseco Customer Banking Platform (the Asseco CBP) implemented at Raiffeisen Bank Poland S.A., were presented. This proprietary system developed by Asseco Poland allowed the bank to hand over control over a modern solution based on mini-applications to its customers.  As a result, each user can personalize the Internet banking platform R-Online to suit their habits and needs to the greatest extent possible. This presentation guaranteed a smooth transition into the closing panel of the Asseco Banking Forum, which concerned the effective use of technology in the development of Polish banks.


Zbigniew Pomianek, Vice-President of Asseco Poland S.A. made a few remarks after the event: It’s the banks that set technology trends in Poland. Fintechs are complementary companies that make up the whole ecosystem. Bank officials need to take advantage of this situation properly and thus have an impact on a positive response from customers. (...) If you take a look at successful Finechs what you’ll see is that technology does not provide a strategic advantage, but it forms the basis for overtaking your competitors.


Additional report from the meeting can be found on

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