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SMIT - system of telecommunications infrastructure monitoring

The SMIT system is designed to monitor the cable and fiber networks in all segments of telecommunications and data communication networks as well as maintenance-free technical facilities, such as cable chambers, street cabinets, or base transceiver stations (BTS).

The cooperation between the Supervision Center and the equipment element of the system allows for detecting defects, deterioration of transmitting parameters, theft attempts, burglaries, sabotage and other situations which pose a threat to the efficiency of the infrastructure used by telecommunications businesses. The protection is implemented by using detectors of various types: opening, temperature, gas, etc.; CCTV cameras, and microphones.

The system protects the telecommunications infrastructure by constant monitoring of its state. The Supervision Center software presents the situational picture of the infrastructure condition on a background map, which may be shared with all interested entities.

The system is dedicated to support the work of services responsible for the protection and operation of the critical telecommunications infrastructure, intervention entities (the Police, security agencies, etc.), and public administration agencies responsible for the security of critical infrastructure, in order to enhance the continuity of services. 

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