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PZK- the integrated system of constructing Emergency Management Plans

The PZK system (Emergency Management Plan system) is a tool allowing communes, counties and provinces for simple, fast, and semi-automatic creation and update of Emergency Management Plans.

The Plans are created on the basis of data bases gathered and maintained in the PZK system. The bases concern the emergency management, and especially the information on the threats, forces and measures, action procedures, and the characteristics of the areas covered by the Plan.

Owing to the centralization of the solution (the system is available online), the form and content of the generated Emergency Management Plans, created and maintained by various administration units, are unified.

The system also unifies the plan creation process itself and facilitates the information exchange between administration units working on their individual Plans, which enables them to take into account each other’s experiences as well as forces and measures in the Emergency Management Plans.

If an emergency situation occurs, the system is also a tool allowing for fast search of key information related to that situation covered by the plan, such as the roles and obligations of entities resulting from the safety network, their contact data and information on their resources, as well as general information on the procedures in force.

The system contains also a central dictionary of emergency management terms, as well as a current list of legal acts, in order to facilitate the communication between all entities constructing the Emergency Management Plans.


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