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Banking operations

Asseco Core Banking

The system features a client-oriented architecture and is capable of quick and seamless integration with other IT systems used at the bank through a wide range of business services (SOA), meeting all the requirements of omnichannel architecture. Asseco Core Banking is a fully-fledged solution which can provide support for banks with different business profiles: universal, retail, corporate, mortgage, auto financing and cooperative banking. Asseco Core Banking is an efficient and fully scalable system, working continuously in the 24/7 mode, and capable of supporting even the largest banking organizations. Asseco Core Banking has been designed to be deployed either in-house or in the Software-as-a-Service model.

Banking products

Retail banking

Personal account 
Savings account
Payment card
Term cash deposits: standard, rentier, progressive interest
Revolving loans: account overdraft limit
Non-revolving loans: cash, instalments, mortgage, auto financing, subsidized loan
Payments: internal, domestic, international transfers
Standing orders
Direct debits

Corporate banking

Current account with overnight deposits, consolidation of funds
Term cash deposits
Business payment cards
Revolving loans: operating loan, account overdraft facility
Non-revolving loans: investment, discount, syndicated loan
Multi-purpose loan facilities
Payments: internal, domestic, international, payroll transfers
Standing orders
Bank guarantee

Commercial Banks Dept.

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